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Apartments for sale in Antalya

Apartments for sale in the lovely Antalya of the charming nature in installments and cheap prices, among the most beautiful real estate of Turkey with sea views

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Route Istanbul project

Hotel-style luxurious apartments for housing and investment

Route Istanbul project

Villas for sale in Antalya

Villa for sale in Antalya right by the sea, with rich recreational facilities in Turkey, real estate with wide and luxurious options from Imtilak Real Estate.

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Various properties for sale in Antalya

Real estate for sale in Antalya, apartments for sale in Antalya city, and Villas with stunning sea views in Turkey, real estate for sale with many options

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Imtilak Real Estate services

Imtilak Real Estate is honored to provide you with a fully integrated package of services during the sale and after it

Antalya Properties

In the second century BC, the King Bergum Atalus II has ordered the commencement of searching for "the paradise in earth" and after a long search a new land was found, which was rebuilt by the king and it was Atalia, a Turkish city now known as Antalya.


Antalya is located on the Mediterranean coast of Antalya. It is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey. The tourists come from all over the world or from Turkey itself in huge numbers because of its unique location and its amazing scenery and moderate climate. Where the city was ranked the third in terms of numbers of tourists after the cities of Paris and London, according to statistics in 2011.

The most important of which is the Ataturk Park, which overlooks the sea directly. It includes vast green spaces with spectacular views, as well as a large number of restaurants and playgrounds. Tourists also travel to see the Antalya Museum that contains ruins from the Roman and Stone Ages. they also take a vertical trip over Antalya, two thousand and three hundred meters above sea level, through the Telephonic Olympus, and lovers of natural places can enjoy it as they head to the Düden Falls in Antalya where the green nature with all its meanings of beauty. Furthermore, one of the cities of Antalya a city called Calche and it is called the old city, which retains all its heritage since the Byzantine era.

As the city of Antalya combines all these advantages, it is a special place for investors, especially in the field of Antalya real estate and who are looking for apartments for sale in Antalya in special places for investment, which its economy relies on tourism, as it hosts about ten million tourists annually, making it one of the most important global cities in the real estate investment.


The growing demand for a property in Antalya is not only for the Turkish investors but also for the foreign investors from all over the world.


Why Antalya is an important city in terms of real estate investment?

Antalya has a strategic location and a mild climate, as well as its many tourist attractions which made it a destination for many tourists and a first-place tourist city. This was a major reason for investors to buy real estate in Antalya. In addition, the real estate prices are more moderate compared to property prices in other cities such as Istanbul. Another advantage is the Turkish government new openness to all investors from all countries to search for and invest in Antalya real estate.


Antalya property market is expanding day by day and is offering great opportunities for anyone looking for apartments for sale in Antalya for personal use or for use as a high-yielding investment project.


In fact, there are many factors that have made Antalya a great place for a real estate investment. As an investor, you can find all kinds of real estate and residential complexes at affordable prices. Depending on your budget, you can search for affordable apartments, modern apartments or luxury apartments that offer a lot of varieties, you can invest your money in buying luxury villas on the beach with means of entertainment or investing in land and farms or buying commercial offices for sale.




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