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Antalya to Establish a Second Airport on Its Land - Real Estate

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation in Turkey announced that it has agreed to grant the construction of an international airport in the district of "Gash" one of the most important tourist centers in the city of Antalya that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea in southern Turkey, to be the second international airport in the city.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation will submit the request for approval by the Ministry of Communications and start the contracting process thereafter, and it is expected that the new investment will make a contribution worth up to 2 billion USD to the budget of Turkey.

The project is expected to be built on the concept of "build-operate-deliver" and is currently the most powerful option.

The airport is expected to serve 5 million passengers a year and will significantly contribute to the influx of tourists to Antalya as it will be an important way for attracting foreign investors and new investments to the region.