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Sky Residence Project

This project is located in Liman District, which is one of the most prestigious areas of Antalya.

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Marina Residence Project

This project is located in Liman District, which is one of the most prestigious areas of Antalya.

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Aryon Project

Aryon Project

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Zumurud Project


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Antalya and the Most Important Reason Why to Own an Apartment in It

In recent years, we have noticed that the prices of real estate for sale in Antalya have begun to rise significantly and prices are expected to increase in the next few years.


Because many investors whom are looking for apartments for sale in Antalya aspiring to obtain their investments at reasonable prices and proportional to the majority, we can own a new property in the city of Antalya with (50 thousand euros).

Approximately an equivalent of a small amount of what you would pay for a property in France, Spain, or any other European country.

Also, easy access to Antalya properties comes through the International Airport, which is characterized by direct flights and low cost and many of its excellent services to the countries of the Middle East and Europe.

Moderation of Its Climate and Its Importance in the Investment

Antalya has a sunny climate throughout the year, a semi-permanent climate, but its temperatures do not reach the troublesome limits like Spain or Dubai. For example, investing in Antalya is a new qualitative leap in Turkish real estate investment.

Antalya is characterized by sunny blue skies most of the year and the sea is relatively warm until winter, and in winter temperatures fall to 10-15 degrees Celsius, making the city a winter tourist destination to escape the cold winter in northern Europe and Asia.

The Deep-Rootedness of Antalya

The city of Antalya, Turkey, is known for its fabulous popularity among tourists and investors. It also surpassed other international cities such as New York and Istanbul, and became the third city in terms of the largest number of tourists after London and Paris in 2011.

How not to take such a popularity in a city that contains the most beautiful and wonderful natural scenes, which form a wonderful painting attracting attention of everyone who sees or visits.

Antalya's strategic location is what gave it the tremendous tourist and investment potentials, its coastline and the great beaches makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers around the world.

When we visit this beautiful city with its beauty or the investment in Antalya we will enjoy many tourist attractions and investment, which we will start from the first:

  • Olympus Telephreak:

The visit of any tourist or investor to the city of Antalya will not be completed without the experience of this creative art that characterizes this city, (Olympus Telephreak), which takes you on a journey that is more than 2365 meters above sea level. The landscape of the Taurus Mountains and the beaches of Antalya from the top, a truly enjoyable trip and a real adventure not less than ten minutes.

This place is visited by thousands of tourists and investors annually. Owning property for sale in Antalya like apartments makes your property very valuable whether the project is ready or under construction. If an apartment was bought and leased to tourists, it would be very good income or you would buy an apartment in Antalya that is not ready or under construction.

  • Ataturk Antalya Park

To enjoy the sense of freedom and entertainment also do not forget to visit the park in Antalya Ataturk Park to feel the freedom amidst the green nature and the most beautiful types of flowers away from the hustle and disturbance of the city, and you need to know that the park gives the coming visitors a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the flight Through parachutes in the air and at high altitudes.

The value of the projects in this area is due to the historical features in real estate in Antalya, as most statistics reported that they are in a clear rise in prices recently.

  • Antalya Beaches

As we mentioned in the introduction of the article we will talk about the beautiful beaches of Antalya, where these beaches have won a wonderful prize the "white flag" granted to the best international beaches, and no wonder in its beaches, white soft sands and clear blue water contributed greatly to the importance of this city That is why these beaches must be at the top of our list of tourism and investment plans while we are in Turkey, especially the beaches of Lara or Konyaalti.

  • Duden Falls

The famous Duden Falls has the ever-increasing numbers of visitors whom want to take photos daily, as well as the lovers of relaxation, nature, sophistication and investment, we advise you not to miss the opportunity to invest in this region, which is characterized by an extraordinary number of tourists.

  • the Aquatic City

The main Aquatic City in Antalya is the resort to Arab tourists in particular and foreigners in general, as this city is characterized by moderate atmosphere, so the Arab tourists escape from the high temperatures of this city in the summer for recreation and away from the high temperatures.

The moderate climate makes Antalya property extremely valuable and this value comes when you buy an apartment in one of the prefab houses or projects under construction that will bring the highest profits for the investors.

  • Water Museum

During your transition on the longest underwater tunnel with a length exceeding 131 meters, You can see the thousands of marine creatures and fish brought to this city from all over the world, including sharks, This city gives its visitors a chance to swim with these beautiful creatures as desired by tourists in the city of Antalya aquarium.

  • The Old City

Your visit to this city will make you in the heart of Antalya and you will notice it through its streets and narrow, bustling and vibrant streets within 24 hours. You will notice the trend of traditional Turkish shops and coffee shops that smell of history mixed with the aroma of tasty culinary.

  • Museum of Antalya

This museum was founded in 1922 and was established in 1972. It was updated in the current design and design in 1985. It contains the most important historical and historical artifacts in Turkey. It was divided into different galleries, each hall having a different time period of Turkey.

Antalya is a destination for many foreign investors, especially Arabs and Gulfs, as the region has a moderate climate. Antalya is home to many of the most beautiful properties for sale in Antalya, with tranquility and beauty.

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