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Antalya the Destination of Arab and Foreign Investors in Turkey

: 2017-08-12

Antalya the Destination of Arab and Foreign Investors in Turkey
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The Turkish city of Antalya is one of the most visited destinations in Turkey for tourism or investment. Where the city is witnessing unprecedented demand by the citizens of many countries in the real estate sector these days. Gulf investors are among the top investors in the city.

The city's high demand for infrastructure has pushed both the city's local administration and central management in the capital to start and accelerate investments. 

The municipality of Antalya is working to speed up the metro and tramway project in this city, which receives millions of tourists each year, which it has called a lot in the name of the capital of Turkish tourism. The municipality aims through the metro line project to extend the railway to all the outskirts of the city so that the city's railways are 360 degrees.

The municipality plans to build a new tramway in the city, but there will be many sections of this tramway in the form of underground tunnels to ease traffic pressure as much as possible.

Antalya has recently witnessed a high turnout from Arab investors who wanted to enter the real estate business in Turkey. Where Arab investors have topped the list of the most owned foreigners in the city in recent years.

Experts expect that the city will witness a greater demand from investors, especially after the package of facilities recently undertaken by the Turkish government for the acquisition of real estate and tax exemptions and the granting of Turkish citizenship to investors in the field of real estate. In particular the recent law on the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship on an exceptional basis by investors in the real estate field provided that the property is retained for three years and the purchase of the property in foreign currencies.  

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