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Giant projects awaiting for Antalya

: 2016-10-06

Giant projects awaiting for Antalya
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Within the activities of Sister Cities Program, which is held in the city of Antalya, Mr. Menderes Turel, the Mayor of the Municipality of Antalya met his counterpart Mr. Ulrich Mali, the Mayor of the Municipality of  Nuremberg-Germany, the head of a high-level body within the visit of the German delegation to the city of Antalya.

Mr. Turel was pleased with the visit of the German delegation to the city, pointing out giant projects he wants to set up in the city. On the top came the coastal Bo?a Çay? project planned to take place at the Coast of Konyaalt?, where he confirmed that the project, which will begin soon, will contribute to stretch the coastline of Antalya city about 40 kilometers.

Mayor of Antalya exploring the details of Bo?a Çay? project

Bo?a Çay? project is planned to include 6 implied projects, and one of these projects is to create studios like studios of Hollywood, where they will be working on the establishment of a new Hollywood in Antalya.

Mr. Turel added that the work is underway to amend the coast of Konyaalt?, where they will create gardens, footpaths and sport centers.

The second project to be held in the city of Antalya is the project of Tunek Tepe, which will become the new icon of Antalya, as he put it. Confirming that they completed the establishment of the cable car project, which will facilitate transportation to Tunek Tepe. However, currently the work is underway to establish the surface of this hill that will overlook the city, after setting the visual and lighting effects.

Total costs of the giant projects reach up to $ 4 US billion

The third project, Mr. Turel talked about is the construction of a giant port for receiving cruise liners, in addition to a yacht harbor that can accommodate 426 yachts in Lara area. Mr. Mayor asserted that the port will be of A Plus grade, as it is planned to accommodate four giant ships at the same time. This port will contribute significantly to increasing the tourism market in the region, and the total costs of these major projects ranges from 3 to 4 billion dollars, Mr. Mayor concluded.

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