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Turkey is the Favorite Destination for Qataris Tourist

: 2016-10-06

Turkey is the Favorite Destination for Qataris Tourist
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Within the visit of the Environment Minister of Qatar, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Rumaihi, to "Expo 2016 Antalya," he said to Anadolu Agency that the Qatari tourists have changed their destination from Europe to Turkey, as Europe was the favorite destination for them in general. Mr. Al-Rumaihi said that this happened since Turkey, during the last ten years, was completely changed from what it was in the past for Qatari tourists, in addition to the development of relations between Turkey and Qatar at all levels and in various sectors of course.

Al-Rumaihi declared that he is pleased as the Qatari-Turkish relations have reached a high level. Moreover, he said that his country is participating in this exhibition as one of 57 other participant countries which is good, and Qatar’s participation today was in the ‘’Desert Rose’’ Garden.

The Environment Minister of Qatar Praises Expo Exhibition

The Environment Minister of Qatar stressed that the organizing of Expo 2016 Exhibition in the city of Antalya was a right decision, especially that the exhibition was organized on a large area of ??land. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors. Qatar had an effective contribution in the gardens of many countries particularly that Qatar’s garden was in the center of the exhibition the thing that made it a special place for visitors.

The Qatari minister spoke about the large number of tourists that visit Turkey annually, pointing out that the number of the Qatari tourists coming to Turkey is in a continuous increasing; the Qataris head to Istanbul and other Turkish cities. Since Turkey, from their point of view, is a very rich country in terms of culture, history and nature, and the Qataris for that prefer tourism in Turkey.

It is worth mentioning that the Expo Exhibition, which was opened under the auspices of the Turkish President with the participation of a large number of statesmen, contains many cultural and social events including natural parks, a lot of museums, cultural centers, and centers for children events.

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