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Two Districts under the Urban Transformation in Antalya

: 2017-04-28 Modified date : 2019-03-30

Two Districts under the Urban Transformation in Antalya
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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sur Yapi Construction Company, "Altin-Almas" that they will start working on the urban transformation of two districts in the Turkish city of Antalya, "Central" and the neighborhood "Kibar ali".

The mayor of Antalya Mandars Tural solved the problem of these two neighborhoods in a short period of time and opened the door for the commencement of the urban transformation in them, which has been the problem for more than 30 years.

Almas pointed out that the process of urban transformation that will be started in Antalya will give the city a civilized face by conducting the transformation of more 15 thousand old apartments.

He added that the urban transformation will be the main item on the 2017 agenda and will remain at the forefront in the next 20 years. He also said that about 100,000 apartments have been transformed in the last five years. He indicated that these projects are considered one of the major urban transformation projects in Turkey.

He said that his company will fulfill its promises and will deliver the apartments to their owners in a timely manner. These neighborhoods will be equipped with public facilities, shops, metro lines, trams, shopping malls, sports and health facilities. These apartments will be an opportunity for foreign investors wishing to own property in famous tourist city Antalya.

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